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Extreme dental pain can control your life if left unattended. The sharp pain that can shoot up the root of your tooth or the immeasurable discomfort that can come from a broken jaw, cracked tooth or impacted tooth are not to be taken lightly. If you are experiencing a dental emergency, contact our Vancouver dental practice now! Our staff are ready to help with all of your emergency oral health situations. We do not want our beloved patients to suffer for a minute more, especially when the Absolute Dental team can take matters into their own hands, as per your request.

If you require instant attention after hours, call our emergency contact number and our on-call staff member will certainly help you. If you are unable to reach our office during an emergency, dial 911.

While dental emergencies are uncommon, they can take place, and it’s crucial to know how to take care of your teeth no matter what. Typical dental emergency situations consist of:

  • Broken or cracked tooth/teeth
  • Broken jaw
  • Permanent tooth knocked out
  • Object captured in between teeth
  • Extreme toothache

For more information on dental emergencies, contact our Vancouver dental practice today.

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