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Have you ever avoided visiting the dentist just because you were scared? If so, you are not alone. Many people put off getting dental work done since they’re scared of the dentist, even as adults. At our Vancouver dental practice, Absolute Dental, we understand that fear and do everything we can to alleviate your discomfort and calm your worries.

Our bodies have the incredible capability to repair hurt structures. When we break a bone, our body is able to heal the bone by producing new cells that essentially glue the bone back together. Regrettably, this isn’t really true when it comes to our teeth. Although we do get two sets of teeth in our life, once a hole forms in a tooth, the body can not repair it. Hundreds of years ago (before fillings existed), cavities eventually caused people so much pain that they would have the tooth removed completely! Yikes.

Thankfully, however, modern dentistry has discovered a way to let you keep your decayed teeth. All that has to be done is to have the bacteria expertly removed and replaced with a hard, tooth-like product referred to as a dental filling.


What is a Composite Resin (White Filling)?

A composite filling is a tooth-colored plastic and glass mix made used to restore decayed teeth. At Absolute dental, our Vancouver dental fillings use composites resin because we understand the importance of a clean, clear, natural looking smile. Composite resin is also used for cosmetic enhancements of the smile by altering the color of the teeth or reshaping disfigured teeth.


How is a composite filling placed?

The primary step when getting a filling is to make sure that you are comfortable throughout the treatment. Our Vancouver dental filling professionals typically do this by using an anesthetic. Even though the anesthetic is provided to numb any pain and remove the threat of discomfort, getting “the shot” is normally a patient’s most significant fear. We want to remind our patients that the slight poke of the small anesthetic needle is very temporary and is nothing to be scared of. A needle may look scary, but we promise it won’t hurt nearly as much as you may imagining.

The local anesthetic momentarily interrupts communication between the tooth and the brain. That way, if the tooth sends a pain signal, the anesthetic prevents the pain signal from reaching the brain– and you feel no pain as a result.

Following preparation, Dr. Kelly Jordan positions the composite in layers, usually making use of a specialized light to quickly harden each layer. When the process is finished, the Absolute Dental orthodontist will shape the composite to fit the tooth. It is then polished to prevent staining and early wear.

What are the advantages of composites?

Looks are the main advantage of composites as Dr. Kelly Jordan, our Vancouver dentist, can blend countless shades to produce a color nearly identical to that of the actual tooth. Composites bond to the tooth to support the remaining tooth structure, which assists to prevent damage and insulate the tooth from extreme temperature level changes.

What are the disadvantages?

After getting a composite, a client might experience postoperative level of sensitivity. Likewise, the shade of the composite can alter a little if the client beverages tea, coffee or other staining foods. The Absolute Dental dentist can, however, put a clear plastic finish over the composite to prevent the color from changing if a patient is especially worried about tooth color.
Think a natural tooth coloured filling is right for you? Talk to our Absolute Dental team today for more information.

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