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Are missing teeth preventing you from chewing and speaking effectively? Is an unsightly gap hindering your willingness to smile and laugh without restraint? If so, don’t worry. There is a long-lasting and tried and tested solution! Dental bridges are a great solution for patients who are eagerly looking to replace their missing teeth and fill the gaps in their smile.

At our Victoria Drive dental office, dental bridges are often used to complete the spaces where there are missing teeth and to bring back the function and appeal of your smile.

A dental bridge is a series of synthetic crowns merged together to look like pickets in a fence. The bridge crowns can be composed of an underlying rare-earth element such as a gold alloy covered by porcelain, or, what is becoming more preferable, an all-porcelain dental bridge; this strong, resilient ceramic accurately simulates the color and translucence of natural teeth, while holding up well to forces created in the mouth when biting and chewing. They are long lasting and bonded into place to look, feel and function just like a natural tooth. A bridge will also stop other teeth from moving into the spaces left by the missing teeth and can defend against joint issues, dental cavity and the advancement of speech impediments. Bridges will usually last 10-15 years.

It might sound complicated. However, getting a dental bridge in Vancouver is a reasonably straight-forward treatment and can look completely natural if fitted by a knowledgeable orthodontist such as Dr. Kelly Jordan at Absolute Dental. If you decide to have a bridge, your Dr. Kelly jordan will check the health of your gums and the teeth either side of the gap (the support teeth), to guarantee that they are suitable for treatment and take suitable procedures if they are not.

The middle crown or crowns of the bridge, known as pontics, replace the missing tooth or teeth and occupy the open space. In a fixed bridge, the crowns on either end of the bridge cover and attach to the teeth found on either side of the open space. These are called abutment teeth– the primary supports and points of long-term attachment for the bridge.

Throughout our Vancouver dental bridge treatment, Dr. Kelly Jordan will recontour and improve the teeth on either side of the gap in your mouth. Dental crowns will be made to fit these teeth, and a natural-looking prosthetic tooth will be custom-crafted in a lab to fill the space. Once the dental bridge has been manufactured, our Absolute Dental bridge dentist will cement it safely between your healthy teeth, leaving you with the exact same support and look of all-natural teeth.

A dental bridge procedure is typically combined with other dental treatments for clients in need of a full smile transformation. Dental bridges offer a trustworthy option to other remediations that might not work in particular scenarios. With correct care and upkeep, they can supply years of beneficial function and enhanced appearance.

If you’re in need of a dental bridge, contact our Victoria Drive dental clinic today for a free consultation.

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