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Root canals are performed on teeth that have become deeply infected, or where the main part of the tooth (called the pulp) is damaged. A root canal treatment removes the pulp, clearing out all the canals before the tooth is sealed to prevent more infection.

If the pulp inside your tooth ends up being broken or exposed, germs can enter and rapidly spread and cause a painful infection. Without treatment, the pulp ultimately begins to die and degeneration. The bacterial infection will spread throughout the tooth, eventually causing an abscess to form right at the root of the tooth. The infection can then spread into the surrounding bone tissue and even into your body, leading to health concerns that extend far beyond your mouth.

Common symptoms of a contaminated pulp include:

Lots of patients find visiting the dental professional for a root canal to be a stressful time. Nevertheless, much of this stress and anxiety is due to a numerous mistaken beliefs about the treatment that lead to unnecessary stress. This anxiety is often linked to the fact that the infection and threat of an untreated infected tooth is so extreme that people assume that the procedure will be equally as intense.

The truth is, having a root canal performed at our Victoria Drive oral health practice isn’t nearly as agonizing, lengthy, or pricey as the majority of people believe. At our Vancouver dental office, Absolute Dental, comfort, care and education are our top priorities.

While root canals may have been a painful procedure in the past, today they are no more painful than having the average filling installed. Modern dentistry techniques, advances in pain management, and extremely competent dental practitioners permit regular root canals in Vancouver to be reasonably pain-free.

The majority of root canals are performed to decrease discomfort, so patients commonly discover relief after the treatment is complete. In some cases, when an extreme infection exists, root canals might cause increased discomfort. However, modern anaesthesia and the proper use of pre-treatment medications such as prescription antibiotics and pain relievers lowers most of this discomfort.

Similar to any dental procedure, there is no rejecting the necessary costs. Nevertheless, a root canal can be much more budget-friendly than the other procedure combinations which would be necessary to achieve the same results.

If you’re experiencing any of the side effects mentioned above or are interested in learning more about root canal therapy, contact us immediately.

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