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“Pulling teeth” has always been a scary idea. Regardless of dental innovations, people still seem to cringe at the idea. But, in reality, there’s nothing to fear when it comes to a simple extraction. At Absolute Dental, oral surgery is a common, quick, and stress-free procedure.

What procedures are included in “oral surgery”?

Our most common oral surgery procedure is extraction, and, in many cases, wisdom tooth removal. If your wisdom teeth are growing in tilted or sideways, without adequate area to grow, or with an infection or signs of degeneration will typically need extraction. However, there are some people who can live happily and comfortably with fully grown wisdom teeth, while others may never have any wisdom teeth to begin with! We’re all different and our Vancouver Oral Surgery clinic, we understand and celebrate that.

Dr. Kelly Jordan may also recommend an tooth extraction if a destroyed tooth is beyond repair, such as when a tooth fracture extends below the gum line or when an extreme infection occur. Extraction may also be required to make space for orthodontics or for children with emerging permanent teeth.

Isn’t oral extremely painful?

Dr. Kelly Jordan’s patients should not be worried about oral surgery with the comfort and conveniences of modern-day dentistry available at our oral surgery dental clinic. Sedation dentistry will permit you to unwind through the treatment, and pain medication can be recommended for post-surgery discomfort.

We recommend that you schedule for somebody to drive you to and from our dental office on the day of your oral surgery as sedation may take some time to diminish after the procedure. Your friend or family member can also help you get your prescription as you return house.

What is the recovery like?

Recovery time for oral surgery varies between clients, however is generally between 3-5 days. As problems can occur from any treatment, depending on your certain circumstance, we might suggest taking time away from work or school to permit a complete recovery. Discomfort will last for a couple of days and can be handled through medication.

Soft, healthy foods like soup, shakes, and yogurt are suggested throughout recovery. Arrange for low-energy activities to stay occupied after the visit, like a movie marathon with a friend or a quiet few days in with the cats.

Do I really need oral surgery?

Dr. Kelly Jordan is happy to address any concerns you may have about your treatment so please do not hesitate to ask. It is best to have wisdom tooth and other extractions completed when your dental professional advises, avoiding more complications and enhanced pain due to waiting too long. With this in mind, think about having the treatment when you can take some time away from work to permit a comfortable recovery.

If you think you may be in need of oral surgery or have been instructed by a dental health care provider to undergo an oral surgery treatment, contact Absolute Dental today.Dr. Kelly Jordan is happy to provide comfort and care beyond your expectations. Let’s change the way you view oral surgery!

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