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Bruxism is the technical term for grinding and clenching that abrades teeth and may trigger facial discomfort. Individuals who grind and clench, called bruxers, inadvertently bite down too hard at unsuitable times, such as in their sleep. In addition to grinding teeth, bruxers also may bite their fingernails, pencils and chew the inside of their cheek. Bruxism often isn’t detected until it is too late since most people don’t recognize that they even do it. About one in three individuals struggle with bruxism.

Teeth grinding is costly to both your teeth and health. Teeth grinding is part of sleep-breathing condition that consists of snoring and sleep apnea which in turn can result in early aging, and sudden death.

Teeth grinding damages natural teeth and dental work. A few of its indications are sore jaws in the morning, broke or sawed-off front teeth, delicate root exposures at gum lines, gum recession, aching jaw muscle and remaining tired even after getting adequate sleep.

Bruxism is typically connected with psychological stress. A common myth, however, is that stress is the only cause for bruxism. Stress does make it worse, but it’s cause is commonly misaligned teeth or jaws. Fixing your bite with orthodontics such as Invisalign, unique home appliances, or other dental treatments can fix the damage caused by grinding and minimize or remove the drive to grind or clinch.

Recent research studies reveal that grinding can lead to crumbling teeth, chronic headaches and continuous jaw discomfort. Despite showing lots of signs, such as awakening with worn out jaws and headaches, or flattened teeth and tooth pain, lots of patients state “I would never ever do that,” People must understand that bruxism is not a conscious act.

A spouse can play a key function in helping bruxers get the treatment that they need. If your spouse mentions unusual, squeaking noises that keep him or her awake long into the night, it might be your bruxism that they are hearing. 

Grinding your teeth can be very damaging to the teeth and also difficult to stop. If vigorous grinding occurs at night, teeth can be worn down to the gum line because the instinctive reflex to stop does not work while you are resting.

Once you’ve come to terms with your bruxism, treatment is fairly straightforward. Dr. Kelly Jordan can help effectively fit you with a mouth guard that is right for you, and will make changes as needed to accommodate changes in your mouth. Be wary of over-the-counter bruxism guards or utilizing athletic mouthguards to treat bruxism, which can really make your grinding worse and cause more wear on your teeth. And while the mouth guard will not prevent you from grinding, it will prevent damage to your teeth, jaw joint, and ease the additional tension to your face.

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