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Having a missing tooth as an adult can be quite embarrassing. At Absolute Dental, we don’t want you to ever hold back a smile due to an easily-fixed issue such as a missing tooth/teeth. Dental implants are a quick and permanent solution for missing teeth.

What’s wrong with having a missing tooth?

Teeth lean on one another and with an empty space they will move in your mouth, interrupting your bite and causing misalignment. Therefore, a missing tooth that remains untreated can enhance the risk of dental cavity, gum illness, and even jaw joint problems.

As you go about your daily routine of eating, chewing and talking, your remaining teeth often have to pick up the slack of the missing tooth and, thus, they will be more susceptible to premature wear and perhaps even fracture.

Also, your teeth in fact make minor movements throughout the day and this supports and reinforces your jawbones. With a missing tooth, your bones will begin to lose density. As the jaw bone declines and the lips collapse it can impact the shape of your face and cause premature wrinkles. So, all in all, letting a missing tooth go untreated can cause a myriad of negative side effects that will very directly impact your oral health and appearance.

What are Dental Implants?

A dental implant in Vancouver is a titanium post that is inserted into the jaw, and acts similar to the root of a tooth. The jaw bone fixes itself to the post, developing a strong and irreversible base for an artificial replacement tooth that is then positioned over the post. Dental implants look and feel natural, and, unlike dentures, they are long-term, permanently installed and retain a strong biting force indefinitely. Vancouver dental implants can also be used to help in stabilizing dentures, keeping the dentures in location and making them much more functional and comfortable.

How Do I Care For My Dental Implant?

One of the best parts about getting a dental implant is that once the synthetic replacement tooth is installed and healed, it only requires regular brushing, flossing and dental appointments, just like your natural teeth. Although the process is more invasive than removable dentures, the results are longer lasting and less hassle in the long run.

What is the Procedure for getting a Dental Implant?

Dental implants in Vancouver have an unbelievably high rate of success (between 80-90%), and unlike other dental prosthetics they typically only involve a one-time cost. The procedure can be performed in stages and usually takes a matter of months before the implant is totally settled and healed. This may sound long, but remember, the post must fully fuse to your natural gum and jaw for it to be considered fully viable.

The first stage is the actual placement of the implant followed by a healing period, after which is the 2nd stage of the real positioning of the artificial tooth on the implant.

Who Can Have Dental Implants?

To be a suitable candidate for dental implants, you should have:

Subsequently, your jawline should be fully formed to be a candidate for a dental implant. If a jaw were to be still growing and changing as drastically as they do in teenage years, the shape and size would eventually no longer accommodate the implant and it could severely degrade the quality of the jaw bone.

If you are too young to qualify for a dental implant but still have a missing tooth, speak to Dr. Kelly Jordan, the Absolute Dental Vancouver implant dentist, today.

For more information about dental implants give us a call today. We’re always here to help!

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