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When it comes to supplying Vancouver with the highest quality dental practices, Absolute Dental is constantly looking for the most current dental innovations in order to advance our patient’s service and satisfaction. Digital x-rays are a major part of our practice’s developments.

Digital X-rays are computer-generated images. These images induce as much as 90% less radiation than standard film X-rays. Instead of using the traditional silver-oxide X-ray film, this brand-new digital system takes photos via a small electronic sensing unit and immediately transmits a picture of the tooth onto the video screen in the treatment room. We can see your teeth and surrounding structures right away with very little radiation.

Digital x-rays offer crucial details for our dentist to evaluate. These x-rays provide photos of the inside of the teeth, dental cavities, and of the supporting structures ie bone that the human eye cannot see when looking in your mouth, so that we can get a complete picture of your mouth.  This assists with the upkeep and care of your total dental health.

At our Vancouver dental office, the digital x-ray experience is the exact same as getting standard dental x-rays with the incentive of less radiation exposure. Since the images are digital, Dr. Kelly Jordan can zoom in and out to highlight any information or any problems present.  In other words, she can use the enlarged picture to educate you on the overall health of your mouth. 

Dental X-rays are normally performed annually, or more often if your dental care provider is tracking the development of a dental issue or treatment.

Factors affecting how often you would get dental X-rays might consist of:

  • your age
  • your current oral health
  • any symptoms of oral illness
  • a history of gum or bone issues (gingivitis or periodontitis) or dental cavities

If you’re a brand-new patient, you will probably have dental X-rays taken so that Dr. Kelly Jordan can get a clear picture of your dental health. This is especially important if you don’t have any X-rays from your previous dentist.

By offering digital x-ray innovation to our patients at Absolute Dental, our patients have the ability to have early detection and increased accuracy, with much less exposure than patients at dental offices that utilize conventional x-rays. Digital X-rays are a huge benefit to our patients at our Vancouver dental clinic since they provide a quicker final product in less time!

There are several types of dental X-rays, which record somewhat various views of your mouth. The most common intraoral and extraoral X-rays are:

  • Bitewing: This method involves biting down on a special tab to see between the teeth. This is frequently used to check for cavities between the teeth and bone levels.
  • Occlusal: This X-ray is done when your jaw is closed to see how your upper and bottom teeth line up, and can likewise discover physiological irregularities with the floor of the mouth or the palate.
  • Palatal: This strategy captures all of your teeth in one shot.
  • Panoramic (extraoral): For this kind of X-ray, the device turns around the head. Your dentist may use this strategy to examine your wisdom teeth and supporting anatomy, plan for implants, or examine jaw problems.
  • Periapical: This view focuses on the entire tooth from root to crown.

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