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You deserve to feel confident about your smile. Our General Dentistry treatments at Absolute Dental are developed to make you feel empowered by your smile and proud of your teeth. At our Victoria Drive dental practice, Dr. Kelly Jordan employs an all encompassing health strategy, starting with an extensive oral assessment. We are proud to offer our patients customized care to fit their needs and busy lives.

There is nothing more crucial to dental health than regular general dental examinations. Frequent check-ups with our Vancouver dental professional, Dr. Kelly Jordan, will ensure that your smile is constantly at its brightest and best. Great oral health not only provides you an excellent smile, it will improve your general wellness too!

Dental cavities and other dental problems are decreasing by the day, thanks to enhanced awareness of home dental care, the use of fluoride, and reputable general dentistry treatments. However, issues still do occur that require treatment. Fortunately, our Vancouver dental practice is continuously improving, offering more effective, less intrusive methods to keep your smile healthy.

General Dentistry includes evaluation, diagnosis, treatment planning, treatment, and prevention of dental conditions.  At Absolute Dental, Dr. Kelly Jordan routinely makes use of X-rays, oral technology, and other devices to ensure correct medical diagnosis, treatment planning, and treatment.

New patients at our Victoria Drive dental office will receive an extensive general dentistry examination. The goal of this detailed dental assessment is to give the patient a total evaluation of everything related to oral health.


Our basic dentistry services include:

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