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Restorative dentistry, also known as Corrective Dentistry, is the practice of managing damaged teeth and their supporting structures, and recovering harmed teeth to a healthy, practical state. Damaged teeth can be painful, and can result in significant oral health problems when left untreated. Cavity fillings, crowns, bridges, and dental implants are a few of the most common restorative techniques that our Vancouver oral health practice conduct on a daily basis.

Restorative dental practices are crucial to any Vancouver dentist office for two main reasons. Fundamentally, restoring harmed teeth will eliminate the pain and agony associated with broken or fractured teeth. Thus, allowing you to eat, drink and speak normally. Restoration is, likewise, vital for ensuring that existing oral health problems don’t worsen. The tooth decay process that causes cavities will continue to advance until addressed, and untreated cavities have a high threat of infection, increased sensitivity and pain. Resolving damage early also enables your Vancouver dental professional to save your smile before it’s too late or revive it after the damage has been done.

While recovering your natural teeth is always the very first objective of restorative dentistry, in some cases that is just not possible. Severely destroyed teeth can sometimes still be conserved with the help of crowns or comparable strategies. If the tooth is beyond repair, however, your Absolute Dental restorative dentistry professional, Dr. Kelly Jordan may advise that it be extracted and changed with a prosthetic implant to ensure optimal function.

At Absolute Dental, we offer the following restorative treatments and more (please note, we have large range of dental treatments available. Just because it is not listed, does not mean it’s not available.):

Fillings: Composite (white) filling materials. Placed directly into the prepared tooth. Used where the existing fillings or areas of decay are small enough that the remaining tooth structure has not been overly compromised.

Removable Full Denture: Complete oral prosthetic used when no teeth remain. Partial dentures also available for sections of missing teeth. 

Dental Implants: Titanium posts surgically placed into the jawbone. Implants are used to support a dental prosthesis (from single crowns to full denture) once the bone grows around the post (usually three months after placement.)

Bridges: Used to replace missing teeth when sufficient “anchor” teeth are available on each side of the gap. Numerous systems are available, including fiber-reinforced ceramics, Zirconium-based ceramics and porcelain fused to metal bridges.

Crowns (“Cap”): A crown, the largest tooth restoration, sometimes cannot be avoided. It covers all sides of the tooth as well as the end. It is used when there is limited tooth structure left, when an existing crown must be replaced, or when the tooth is an “anchor” tooth for a fixed bridge. In cases where it is impossible to get proper moisture control (below the gum line or near the back of the mouth), a cemented crown may substitute for a bonded one.

Veneers: Thin porcelain facings that cover the front side of teeth. Used cosmetically to change the length, color and shape of teeth. Veneers are often considered a cosmetic procedure. However, they can also be used for restorative purposes assuming the tooth in question is being restored for health purposes.

The Cosmetic Benefits of Corrective Dentistry

Restorative dentistry also has cosmetic benefits, as today’s cavity filling and tooth repair service materials mix flawlessly with your natural teeth to restore your smile. If you require a crown, bridge, or implant, rest assured knowing that today’s materials enable for a very close match to your natural teeth.
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