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Few things are more painful and unsettling than breaking or losing an adult tooth. What many people don’t realize is that a missing tooth actually increases your likelihood of losing more teeth. That’s why it’s crucial to fill any gaps in your smile sooner rather than later. An excellent solution to broken or missing teeth in Vancouver is to replace them with dental implants.


Each of your teeth is connected to your jaw bone by a series of roots. When a tooth is severely damaged or becomes dislodged, it breaks away from the jaw bone and loses its ability to function properly. A missing tooth also increases your chances of developing gum disease, which can undermine the health of your smile and lead to more lost teeth. Dental implants are surgically bonded to the jaw bone to act as artificial roots for replacement teeth. This gives your new tooth the strength and stability of your other teeth, so you can regain the full use of your mouth.


Life can be pretty uncomfortable if you’re always trying to hide the gap in your smile. The embarrassment of missing teeth can make both social and professional interactions awkward. Dental implants are designed to look and feel natural so that your smile looks beautifully consistent. Rather than avoiding the camera at family gatherings, smile with confidence knowing your dental implants are indistinguishable from the rest of your teeth!

If damaged or missing teeth are giving you grief, call Absolute Dental and ask about dental implants. Our expert team is happy to discuss your options and help you achieve a beautiful, healthy smile. Schedule your appointment today!


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