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Hockey season is just around the corner. We can hardly contain our excitement here at Absolute Dental. Are you a weekend warrior? Do you have your stick and pads ready? What about your smile? If you’re a true hockey player, chances are you may have a tooth or three missing. Whether it’s a recent accident or a lingering issue that you finally want to address, tooth implants can be intimidating. Absolute Dental is your choice for tooth implants in Victoria Drive.

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Loading...Whether on the ice or in the boardroom, confidence is important. Having a missing tooth can be embarrassing and you can subconsciously have your guard up as you prevent yourself from smiling or talking in order to compensate for your embarrassment. For a quick and permanent solution, contact the team at Absolute Dental to learn more about tooth implants.

Much like a team, teeth lean on each other for support. If one tooth is missing, the rest of your bite and smile will become misaligned. Furthermore, if left untreated, cavity, gum disease, and problems with your jaw joint can more easily occur.

If you’re searching for a practice to inform you about the tooth implant procedure on Victoria Drive, contact the experienced team at Absolute Dental. Firstly, you must be in good health, have no gum disease, and enough suitable jaw mass to qualify for a dental implant. The implant procedure is essentially fixing a titanium post into your jawbone to take the place of the root of the missing tooth. An artificial tooth is then screwed onto the post. The success rate is extremely high at 80-90%. What’s more, the implant will last about 30 years if you embark on a regular oral health care routine.


For more information on tooth implants, contact us today. Absolute dental is your tooth implant specialist on Victoria drive. Schedule an appointment today.