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Children are not given the right training when it comes to oral hygiene and these results in long lasting oral problems. At Absolute Dental Centre we ensure that we give parents the right information that helps them take better care of their children’s teeth. We also stress the importance of taking care of milk teeth because any oral problems that arise during this time are certain to persist into adulthood.

At the very outset, we address the issue of how long children take to brush their teeth. Studies indicate that children need to brush their teeth for a maximum of three minutes. However, in actuality, kids brush their teeth for less than half that duration. We offer tips to make a child brush teeth for the required duration that include playing a popular song during that time or using a timer in the bathroom. We also train kids in the correct manner of brushing teeth so that they can get rid of all accumulated food particles.

We also advise parents that kids should never be permitted to sleep without having their mouth cleaned. This means that teeth have to be brushed the last thing every night and no snacks permitted in bed.

Flossing is also an important aspect of oral care for children. In fact, it should be begun as soon as the kids have two teeth that touch each other and are likely to have food stuck in between. The parent will have to start the process but the child will have to learn how to do it eventually.

Parents are also told about the important role that diet plays in keeping teeth healthy. Certain foods such as dairy products, vegetables and fruits are excellent for dental health whereas foods that are rich in sugar have just the opposite effect. One of the best oral habits that children can have is to eat at regular times and to clean the mouth thoroughly after each meal. Snacking on sugary or sticky treats in between meals will only result in dental cavities and inflammation of the gums.

A child has to be trained that visits to dentists are a necessary and desirable thing because it helps them avoid many dental problems. The child should also be told that there is nothing to fear in a dentist’s office so that he or she will accompany the parents willingly. Dr. Jordan spends a great deal of time with young patients who visit our clinic in Vancouver, BC so that they understand the importance of proper oral hygiene.

Absolute Dental Centre offers a very high standard of oral care for children because we know that kids can get very scared of the dentist and the various instruments that are used in the clinic. We do our best to ensure that visits to our clinic are uneventful and pleasant so that our young patients give their parents no trouble when they have to visit us. Contact us today!


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