The Five Worst Causes of Bad Breath

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Your breath can be one of the first things people notice about you – and hopefully, it makes a good impression. Unfortunately, many people can be burdened by bad breath even if you brush your teeth properly and regularly. How is this possible? The food that you eat isn’t the only thing that affects your breath. By understanding the different common causes of bad breath, you can focus on prevention and treatment at the source for better breath all day.

  1. Coffee and Cigarettes

If you’re noticing your breath gets worse after your morning routine, it may be due to your consumption of coffee and/or cigarettes – both of which are known to cause bad breath. On top of that, cigarettes also encourage the growth of foul-smelling bacteria in your mouth.

  1. Dental Issues

If you haven’t been to your dentist in a while, you may unknowingly have some common dental issues such as an abscessed tooth, gum disease, cavities, or generally bad oral hygiene. A telling sign of these issues is bad breath, caused by bacteria building up and affecting the health of your teeth and gums. Regular check-ups with your Vancouver dentist at Absolute Dental will help to prevent and treat these issues!

  1. Throat and Sinus Infections

Your breath could suffer from a cold or sinus infection. These infections often lead to a foul smell from the throat, which can be mistaken for bad bread. If you are experiencing bad-smelling breath accompanied by a sore throat, swollen tonsils or phlegm from the throat, see your doctor immediately.

  1. Digestive Problems

Typically, your stomach acids help break down food and push it through your intestines. If you suffer from gastroesophageal reflux (GER), commonly known as heartburn, where stomach contents flow back up from your stomach to your esophagus, a smelly gas can also come out of your mouth. To avoid this cause of bad breath, see your Vancouver dental office at Absolute Dental to talk about medical solutions.

  1. Food Particles

Finally, food particles leftover from your breakfast or lunch can lead to bad breath. Food particles can get wedged between your teeth and gums and leave an odor. To prevent bad breath, try chewing on sugarless gum, having sugarless mints, and using a disposable toothbrush to freshen your breath after meals.

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